A successful business is like a luxury car. You can have an expensive, top-of-the-line model, but without proper fuel, your ride won’t last long at all. In the corporate world, what sets similar companies apart are the tools they use to get ahead.

Customers always notice superior software solutions; conversely, they also notice when things go awry. Selecting an appropriate development team for your technical project can put you in the fast lane and keep your company out of the junkyard.

First Gear: What Matters to Your Customers?

Taking the time to learn your audience is crucial. Does your user base prefer your services because of a specific capability you have? If so, expand on it.

For example, if your customers enjoy your web app, consider creating a corresponding mobile app for their convenience. It’s important to be receptive to customer feedback to evaluate what would make them enjoy your services more than ever before.

Second Gear: What’s Best for Your Company?

Different software firms follow distinct development methodologies. In order to have a pleasant experience, you should learn which style best suits your needs. Here are two different options to consider when selecting your ideal development team:

  1. Agile Development Method – Agile is a method used to minimize risks when making additions to a pre-existing technology. While there are several different variations of agile, they all break down development into mini-segments, adding new functionality bit by bit.
  2. DevOps Deployment Method – DevOps organizes development work into distinct segments of the project’s life cycle. These might include core development, quality assurance, and further testing.
  3. Rapid Application Development ­– Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a concentrated development process. It’s four phases include requirements planning, user design, construction, and cutover. RAD is especially useful for projects with a quick turnaround time.

Third Gear: Research, Research, Research!

There are quite a few other variables to keep in mind when searching for a development partner (ie: cost, location, and coding language proficiency).

A great way to compare and contrast firms is leveraging objective resources like Clutch. Clutch is a Washington D.C. based reviews agency that lends their white-glove client interview service to the business-to-business community worldwide.

On their website, Clutch.co, you can compare thousands of development firms on a range of different search parameters. Clutch listed Mudimedia as a top development agency, based on their leaders matrix, which suggests interested buyers should check us out in Turkey. Their sister sites, Visual Objects and The Manifest, are also phenomenal business resources.

On The Manifest, you can stay up to date with the latest survey data on consumer and business preferences and compare highlighted companies. We’ve also been ranked for our service on Visual Objects, where you can view a company’s visual portfolio to best inform your decision.

Fourth Gear: Selection Time!

Now that you’ve got the proper tools to make your decision, it’s time to get your company on the road to success. To learn more about how Mudimedia can help you exceed your development goals, drop us a line today!

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