Cryptothanks is the only plugin that publishers get donation by cryptocurrencies.

cryptothanks wordpress plugin

It allows you place simple cryptocoin buttons into your posts, pages and widgets. Forget old style list of donation addresses in your pages. This plugin puts tiny buttons to gain space on your page and look more professional.

Transform the way you accept online coin donations. It is simple, professional and configurable.

Current version supports coins:
– Bitcoin
– Bitcoin Cash
– Ethereum
– Ethereum Classic
– Ripple
– Litecoin
– Monero
– Zcash
– Nickelium

You can download Cyrptothanks Wordpress Plugin from the plugin page of wordpress or go to your blog's panel > plugins > add plugin. Search for "Cryptothanks". Install and Activate the plugin.


Listing on the page

cryptothanks screenshot 1

Clicking on a crypto icon

cryptothanks screenshot 2

Control Panel / 1

cryptothanks screenshot 3

Control Panel / 2

cryptothanks screenshot 4

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Many hours spent on the development this plugin. If you want to buy a coffee to the developer, you can donate him with your credit card.

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If you are a cryptocurrency developer and want to add it into this plugin, please contact us with the details of your cryptocurrency.

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